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Vicci Rodgers started the firm in 1987 after she struck a deal with her employer, Borg-Warner Corporation, to work as a contract consultant when virtually the entire sizable communication staff was eliminated. The transition wasn’t difficult, because for the last few years at Borg-Warner she worked with the division heads, counseling them on strategic use of communication to meet their goals. Vicci picked up ongoing consulting jobs from companies that Borg-Warner spun off. Those managers knew her, and her work. The result: The Rodgers Group, Ltd.

Over 25 years later, we continue to operate with minimal overhead, meeting the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. A team of senior-level consultants, with a variety of specialties, join forces to meet specific client communication needs. We often are called on to serve as a functioning communication “staff” for clients who require additional resources for a specific period of time. A few of those team members are listed here. Other team members prefer to remain in hiding, but are locked and loaded … ready to be called upon at a moment’s notice. When you work with The Rodgers Group, you can count on adding the best in the business to your team.

Vicci Rodgers

Photo of Vicci Rodgers
Founder and President.
Entrepreneurial team leader.
Thinks strategically.
Manages crises cooly.
Mobile soccer and theatre mom.

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Amy Salmon, MEd.

Amy Salmon
Accessibility expert.
Seasoned communicator.
Passionate teacher.
Blazer of trails to make technology
accessible and usable for all.

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Barbara Puffer, ABC

Public relations strategist.
Big picture thinker.
Adept manager of egos.
Bi-coastal inhabitant.
Keeps friends for life.

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Mike Pfeifer

Graphics guru.
Dreams in color.
Recurrent world traveler.
Acclaimed dart dork.

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Tom Wolferman

Writer.  Creative collaborator.
User of both brain hemispheres
(not simultaneously).
Works well with others.

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