Making a Philanthropic Splash

A paint grant program to help schools in need stirs employee donations


True Value Foundation’s Painting A Brighter Future Charitable Program


To design and implement fundraising materials in support of Painting a Brighter Future – the signature philanthropic program of True Value Foundation.


Painting a Brighter Future partners with True Value retailers to identify schools in greatest need to receive up to 40 gallons of paint to help improve facilities located in True Value communities across the country. With efforts to expand the charitable program in 2010, The Rodgers Group conceived a theme and provided design and writing of all materials to launch the fundraising campaign targeting
Campaign elements:retailers and vendors attending True Value Company’s Fall Market.

  • Development of program identity theme “Give a gallon of pride”
  • Donor card distributed to True Value retailers and vendors
  • True Value Foundation overview brochure detailing mission and programs
  • Promotional card for distribution to prospective paint grant applicants
  • Message points as informational resource for fundraising volunteers
  • Customized paint cans used to collect on-site donations


True Value Foundation’s Painting a Brighter Future fundraising campaign was successful in connecting with audiences and motivating donors by delivering simple, key messages on why it was important to support the program and the benefits to schools in need.

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