Transitioning Employees Efficiently

For relocating employees, Whirlpool puts a detailed communication program in place


The Whirlpool Employee Relocation Program


To consolidate information about the procedures employees must follow – and the benefits for which they are eligible – when they relocate from one facility to another within Whirlpool Corporation.


The Rodgers Group has worked with Whirlpool for many years, assisting with projects as diverse as communication audits and training to writing specific benefits documents (including summary plan descriptions). In 1995-96, we were asked to consolidate various sources of information regarding employee relocations. We were asked to take what was a mixture of materials from Whirlpool and its relocation agent and create a package that employees could easily understand. The result was a three-ring, lightweight pocket folder that included step-by-step procedures combining detailed instructions from the relocation agent with information about the benefits and other resources available from Whirlpool.


By consolidating information regarding procedures and benefits, employees had a single resource – tailored to their personal needs – to guide them through the steps of relocating from one facility to another whether inside or outside the U.S.


The project received a Silver Quill Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators.

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