Retooling the Scientific Community

Scientists and engineers tap into the information needed to meet high standards


The Baxter R&D Toolbox for Promoting Technical Excellence


To assist Baxter International in developing materials aimed at communicating guidelines, policies and programs that promote excellence within the company’s scientific and engineering communities.


Comprised of nearly 100 technical and research leaders from throughout the company, Baxter’s Technical Council works together to develop better research, researchers, engineers and leadership skills. To communicate practical information to the company’s scientific community, based on best-demonstrated practices, Baxter enlisted The Rodgers Group to help create a Research & Development Toolbox. Working with members of the Technical Council, RGL facilitated meetings, contributed writing and assisted in organizing a series of complex materials to produce a modular toolbox format covering topics ranging from Career Tracking to Core Technical Competencies. As a flexible tool in helping scientists and engineers recruit new talent, improve skills, pursue new R&D projects and measure product effectiveness, the program has been adapted for use on the company’s Intranet.


Providing access to a framework of tools never before available, the program has been effective in serving as a consolidated resource for information and guidelines addressing key R&D issues. With the flexibility to meet the client’s changing technical needs, the clean, simplified toolbox design is easily modified to keep materials current and useful. In addition to longevity, the format also is effective in spanning technology with its adaptability to intranet applications. The Rodgers Group recently has been called on to develop a print-based and intranet toolbox for Baxter technicians.

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