Building Benefits Knowledge

Research drives communication to keep employees up to speed and in the know


Material Sciences Corporation – The Benefits News


To develop a communication vehicle for Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) in response to employee focus groups&rsqou; requests to move away from a health-benefits only newsletter (Healthline) to one that provided more comprehensive, useful information about the entire MSC benefits package.


Before implementing changes in benefits plans and communication, MSC likes to conduct research with its employees. Based on feedback obtained from focus groups, it was determined that the company’s Healthline newsletter had served its purpose in introducing a new flexible health care plan. Employees said they wanted more comprehensive communication about all of their MSC benefits.

The Rodgers Group worked with MSC to design The Benefits News and help navigate its editorial direction. A four-page, single-fold format was created to allow a mix of easy-to-read articles and related graphics on benefits ranging from medical and employee stock plans to education assistance. Articles were written in a short, “how-to” style to meet employees’ stated need for practical suggestions for making the most of their company benefits plans.


Survey results indicated that employees read the newsletter and used the practical tips offered to learn more about their entire benefits package. On-site human resources representatives reported that they received fewer questions about some benefits plans, and that employees sometimes quoted from the newsletter. The high level of readership reported in the survey confirmed that the format and style of the articles met employees’ needs for information.


The Rodgers Group received IABC-District 4’s Silver Quill Award of Merit in the category of publications.

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